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Resources have been developed to keep Intellus Worldwide members apprised of the most current regulatory issues impacting healthcare marketing research. Intellus members may access easy-to-read documents that describe the current status of federal and state regulation of incentive payments that marketing research companies make to healthcare providers.

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1. HCP Payment Snapshot - containing the most basic summary of the current regulatory status.

2. FAQ - containing a more complete description of the regulatory status, in Frequently Asked Questions format.

3. Bill Tracker - Existing Laws Regarding Payments to Physicians, as of 2013


Please note the following important qualifications and restrictions regarding the use of these documents:

1. The information provided in the documents is for guidance and informational purposes only. Some of the content may be subject to fast-moving developments that could materially change the stated conclusions and perspectives.  In any event, the documents are not intended to be a substitute for legal advice. Intellus Worldwide encourages all readers to consult with private legal counsel regarding the interpretation of any proposed and actual laws and their applicability to any particular fact situations in the conduct of their businesses. Intellus Worldwide will not be legally responsible for any reader's reliance on the contents of these documents.

2. The documents are copyrighted by and proprietary to Intellus Worldwide. They are being shared with Intellus Worldwide members solely for use in their respective businesses. Members may not share the documents outside of their businesses, except with their outside legal counsel.