Committee Members

Kimberly Simpson, Moderna
Beth Reilly, M3 Global Research
Amanda Chalmers, ZS Associates
Mili Bhatia, SurveyHealthcareGlobal
Jay Subramanian, Boehringer Ingelheim
Kristen Tindall, Dynata
Joseph Punzalan, AplusA
Elle Park, Tamarin Health
Alan Salter, Takeda
Jessica Santos, Cerner Enviza
Vineet Bhambhani, Biogen
Monique Marsh, Trinity
Julie Bayley, Trinity
Tom Donnelly, Branding Science
Portia Gordon, Branding Science
Annabelle Jones, Branding Science
Anna Cunningham, Reckner
Kate Maul, Survey Healthcare Global
Lynn Ricker, knowvanta
Paul Allen, Olson Research Group
Corrine Moy, ESOMAR & GfK
Pam Cusick, Rare Patient Voice
Avanti Ananthram, Narrative Health
Gary White, Reason Research

Within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, the increased focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has prompted important conversations on how inequalities shape healthcare interactions and experiences, access to treatment and care, and patient outcomes. As insights professionals that play a key role in shaping biopharmaceutical commercial strategy and tactics, we must pro-actively understand changing demographic shifts and ensure from all perspectives of the research process that diverse voices are represented.  

Intellus has teamed with representatives across biopharmaceutical companies, insights consulting firms, and fieldwork agencies to address how to bring greater diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to healthcare insights.

In this first thought piece, we detail what has been missing from biopharma market research insights, and what the impact has been in terms of both commercial strategy and patient access to treatment and care. 

In this second thought piece, we focus on detailing potential solutions to address the underrepresentation of diverse voices and how to center diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within biopharma market research. We describe the elements of diversity worth considering in any insights work, as well as practical considerations and next steps for advancing DEI in the industry. 

More resources include:

How to balance DEI market research goals with privacy and feasibility

Powerpoint of best practices for DEI in market research

 General guide and a library of inclusive HCP screener questions (updated 3/24/23 with feedback from Summit round table discussions)

 General guide and a library of inclusive patient screener questions (updated 3/24/23 with feedback from Summit round table discussions)

• HCP Perspective of How Diversity Matters, Olson Research Presentation from the 2023 Summit: Results from an attitudinal study of HCPs on diversity in the workplace and impact of patient care, challenges for 2023, interactions with the industry and participation in market research

• Output from February 2023 workshops with our global recruitment colleagues on what DEI means in regions around the world, click DEI Global Considerations graphic below to view the infographic.  

And we need your support to create additional DEI resources for the industry, specifically those with secondary and claims data expertise. To join the task force, email Heidi Boyle.


After the Summit, our DEI Task Force incorporated your feedback on essential DEI initiatives and resources. The following work streams have been created and we are looking for volunteers to lead/contribute to each. 

You are welcome to sign up for more than 1 work stream, just please be mindful of your commitment to contribute to each effort. If no volunteers are recruited for a work stream, that unsupported initiative will not proceed.