The Intellus Worldwide Nominating Committee is honored to put forward the following candidates for consideration by membership for 2020-2021 Directors-at-Large.  Each candidate has demonstrated commitment to the organization and eager to serve our community.  One manufacturer and one non-manufacturer director-at-large will serve a two year term.  You must be logged in and a 2019 member to vote.

Manufacturer Director-at-Large Candidates
Anthony Palkovic, Pfizer, view his Linked In profile
Lee Jarm, Biogen, view his Linked In profile

Non-Manufacturer Director-at-Large Candidates
Christopher Shipp, Kantar Health, view his Linked In profile
James Sharples, KS&R Inc., view his Linked In profile

Intellus Worldwide members are allowed 1 vote for a manufacturer director-at-large and 1 vote for a non-manufacturer director-at-large.  You may vote on-site at the Intellus Worldwide Regional Events in Chicago on September 11th or New Jersey on October 1st.   Online voting is available via the form below.  Voting closes on Friday, October 4th.

You must be logged in under your member profile to view the voting form.