2018 Officers and Directors Information

PBIRG/PMRG is looking for candidates for Officer and Director positions who will help create a balanced Board of Directors and Executive Committee, will exhibit strong strategic and leadership skills, and are dedicated to the success of the organization.

Officers and Directors to be Selected
Vice President
One Director-at-Large (Manufacturer)
     - Biotech
     - Diagnostics
     - Medical Device
     - Pharma
One Director-at-Large (Non-Manufacturer)
     - Full Service MR
     - Tech Provider / B2B
     - Research Services

Position Terms
Vice President serves a three-year term advancing to President and Chairman of the Board
Secretary/Treasurer serve a one-year term in calendar year 2018
Directors-at-Large serve a two-year term in calendar years 2018 and 2019


All candidates must be PBIRG or PMRG Members
Candidates may not be paid consultants or employees of PBIRG or PMRG
Candidates for Vice President must presently service or previously have served as an Officer, Director-at-Large, or the chair of a standing committee
Candidates for Directors-at-Large may not be the current President or Vice President

All Candidates must Submit
Nomination Form (Below)
One Paragraph per bullet point for each of the following five "selection criteria" to be no longer than two pages in total length
     Professional Experience

The deadline for nomination submissions is November 21, 2017.  Once you have submitted this form, please send your written abstract to Stephanie Reynders at Stephanie@pmrg.org by November 21, 2017.

If you would like to suggest a nominee or have any additional questions, please contact Stephanie Reynders, Executive Director, at 352-243-8585 or email at Stephanie@pmrg.org.

Please click here for additional details, including duties and the selection process.

For questions regarding this form please email Andrea at info@pmrg.org

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NOTE:  The nominee must be a PBIRG/PMRG member.  You may nominate yourself.  The nominee will need to e-mail their written abstract to Stephanie Reynders at Stephanie@pmrg.org by November 21, 2017.