Our Fall vForum is being developed by a dedicated team our your industry peers and thought leaders to address your top-of-mind issues. This 4-day, 8-part series will explore:

SEPT 24 - Available On Demand in the Virtual Learning Center

Intellus Insight Trends – A Closer Look: Additional context from recent in-depth discussions with industry and agency leaders regarding the baseline Intellus/Trinity Trends and Future Survey. How is the market landscape and market research execution evolving based on COVID-19 and associated economic and logistical challenges?   Join Steve Yonish, Trinity, Bill Salokar, SKIM, Ed White, AbbVie, Carol Shea, Olivetree, & Daryl Travis, Brandtrust for an active discussion.

AI - How, When and How to Know: Appropriate applications of AI/ML, data availability & access, and managing expectations with Elle Park, Apellis, Meridith Sigel-Willey, Novartis, Oodaye Shukla, Eversana, Isaac Rogers, 20|20/Schlesinger Group, Mark Antonacci, KJT, Gavin Lew, Bold Insight & Geoff Penney, InCrowd.

OCT 8 - Available On Demand in the Virtual Learning Center

Innovation Success Stories - 4 Quick Case Studies: Subtleties in remote testing, device testing, ethnography and diaries solutions with Michelle Blechman, Astellas, Scott Baker, Schlesinger Group, Gavin Lew, Bold Insight & Amir Kapadia, Shapiro + Raj.

Telehealth & Digital Engagement - Patient & HCP Perspective: What will be the ongoing utilization of telehealth & virtual engagement post COVID with study results from InCrowd, Rare Patient Voice & Phebi.


Diversity, Inclusion & Equity: What D&I means, how to ensure equal representation of socio-economic / cognitive ability in samples, and research implications for studies with Denene Jonielle Rodney, CEO & Founder, Moderator, Zebra Strategies; JP Theberge, President & Founder, Cultural Edge; Melissa Gonsalves, Co-founder & Director, CORe and Director of Strategic Insights, Differentology; Roni DasGupta, CEO, Atlas Primary.  Session created by Palu Dedhia, Genentech; Elle Park, Apellis; Amir Kapadia, Shapiro+Raj.

Low Incidence Studies: Guidance from the Intellus Global Low Incidence (IR) Think Tank on the recruiting funnel, target groups, sample sizes, screener design and preserving the panel presented by Amanda Chalmers, ZS Associates; Matt Walmsley, Survey Healthcare Globus; Brian Sharkley, Putnam Associates; Jana Rueten-Budde, M3 Global Research.  Additional think tank members:  Jessica McCann, M3 Global Research; Dusten Brennan, BioVid; Scott Morano, Ipsos; Ryan Hopper, Sermo; Jennifer Hall, KJT Group; Joan Russell & Yamine Patel, Medefield; Terri-Lyn Hawley & Sarah Tulley, Schlesinger Group.  

The Intellus Global Low IR Think Tank was created in 2020 to review, provide guidance, and educate on the ongoing issue of low incidence studies across our industry, so our clients can continue to collect the data they need while ensuring positive respondent MR engagement. 

NOV 19

US Policy & Pricing: What the future holds for US drug pricing presented by Christian Frois, Head of Pricing and Market Access, Trinity Life Sciences

Fair Market Value: Current status in the market place and the impact, if any, that Covid-19 has had, presented by John Turner, Survey Healthcare Globus with distinguished panelists Maria Cristina Antoinio, Novo Nordisk; Rob Miller, MarketVision; Bart Weiner, ThinkGen

Join us each day at 11am-12:15pm & 3pm-4:15pm ET.

Short presentations/panels will be followed by small Zoom breakout discussions. Multiple attendees from the same company will be pre-assigned to different groups, so sign up your whole team to maximize your involvement! 

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Mallika Ambat, Actelion
Scott Baker, Schlesinger Group
Michelle Blechman, Astellas
Terri Boyd, Janssen
Heather Collins, Schlesinger Group
Caleb Costa, InCrowd
Marc DeCongelio, Kantar Health
Palu Dedhia, Genentech
Paul Gorman
Lee Jarm, Biogen
Amir Kapadia, Shapiro + Raj
Gavin Lew, Bold Insight
Kathy O'Connell, ThinkGen
Elle Park, Apellis
Mark Pellegrino, Astellas
Geoff Penney, InCrowd
Patricia Phillips, DSI
Jarod Ricci, GSK
Bill Salokar, SKIM
Meridith Sigel-Willey, Novartis
Jennifer Soller, Genentech
Margie Stelwagon, Ironwood
Alexine Tranquada, Merck
Kim Tomlinson, Biogen
Gary Trendel, Boston Scientific
Mark Wiley, Janssen
Steve Yonish, Trinity Life Sciences