Call for Presenters

We need innovators and experts to share solutions-based tools and techniques!  Interview-style talks and case studies with end-user perspectives are preferred by attendees and gain larger participation.  All sessions will include 30 minutes of knowledge sharing and 20 minutes of interactive round table discussion.

Sessions with client co-presenters receive 2x the participation and client presenters receive complimentary membership/registration for the conference.  Submissions are due May 15, scroll to the bottom of this page for the submission form.

Submissions should follow this powerpoint template.  You do not need to submit the full presentation. We need the outline of the content, framework for the solution, take aways/best practices and discussion group prompts.  



Your submission must include one following but both are preferred:

  1. Video recording of your presenter briefly explaining the content to be shared (see example video here).  Please do not use a dropbox link to share this video.  Some reviewers can not access dropbox due to company restrictions.  Use Vimeo or a private website link.  Video should be less than 5 minutes
  2. .pdf version of this powerpoint template - do not upload the .ppt file, it will not save.


  • Submissions due May 15 (will not be accepted late or incomplete)
  • Notification of selections June 20
  • Rehearsals with mentors Aug 23
  • Final slides due Aug 30

Case study examples must have approval from companies that own the products referenced. All information must be shared in a professional, constructive and educational manner. Slides are reviewed and approved by committee mentors during the rehearsal process. Failure to comply with deadlines and professional conduct will result in canceling the session. Furthermore, speakers who violate this policy will be barred from presenting in the future.

Presenters must be sponsors unless they are only from client/industry companies, HCP, advocate and patient groups.  Those  speakers receive free membership/event attendance.


Speaker Sponsorships

Submission Form

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