Insight professionals know that technology is a significant disruptor in healthcare.  However, there is another sweeping change that people who pay too much attention to tech may miss.  The customers' journey, or path to purchase, has undergone revolutionary change.  Customers, by and large, do not want to play the advertising game and avoid it whenever possible.  Customer avoidance also impacts the health sector, where it is difficult to gain the attention of patients, physicians, and other stakeholders. 

Recent research from Google shows that it takes 50-500 touch points before a consumer makes a purchase.  While Google didn't study professional services, we can surmise that even physicians require more touch-points than the six to eight we relied upon in the past.  It's time for us to reexamine the customer experience across multiple stakeholders including HCPs, payers, patients, consumers, and others.

As pharmaceutical and health tech industries shift focus to diagnosing and treating rare disease patients, marketers within these industries are also shifting their marketing efforts.  Local-level marketing through micro-targeting and micro-influencers, including specialists, caregivers, patients, and patient advocates takes precedence.  Even brands outside rare disease will have to adapt to their customers' non-traditional ways, where empathy and human-touch becomes a more distinguishable differentiator than safety and efficacy. 

Insight professionals are the bridge between the technology, data, and human empathy. They go beyond the data to deliver real human understanding and meaning to the customers' experience that cannot be replaced by data analytics alone. In 2020, we will focus on the evolving customer experience, which has a profound effect on every facet of our dynamic and uncertain health ecosystem. 

Join 400+ healthcare insights and analytics professionals at the Intellus Worldwide 2020 Summit, as we:

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