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LBR Insight

Booth 714

Contact Info
PO Box 332
Gladwyne, PA 19035
Company LinkedIn:
LBR Insight is a qualitative market research company specializing in message development, both pre-and-post product launch. While LBR is proud to be a certified WBENC and to have a multicultural mix of RIVA trained moderators, we also place great importance on furthering our education on various techniques, such as LEGO Serious Play, in which we are a certified facilitator. At LBR We Get It. We come from advertising agencies and client-side marketing departments where we crafted some of the most well-known campaigns you have seen to date, so we know the actionable questions to ask to gain meaningful insights.
Exhibitor Category:
Custom Primary Market Research
Service Expertise Area:
Service Expertise Area Other:
We are able to conduct all types of message development research, both pre-and-post product launch, whether they are ethnographies, IDIs, mini-groups or full focus groups.
Data Type:
Data Type Other:
Product Specialty:
OTC/Consumer Products,New Product Research,Retail Pharmacy/Products,Inline Product Research,In-office Products,Alternative Product Formulations,Specialty Pharmacy/Products,Hospital Products,Diagnostics/Imaging,Medical Devices/Surgical Products,Oncology/Products,Immunology/Products,Cardiovascular/Products,Respiratory/Products,CNS/Products,Biologics,Small Molecules
Product Specialty Other:
Countries Research Conducted:
We specialize in the U.S. market.
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Monday, May 7th -- 12:30 - 12:35pm
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