PBIRG and PMRG joined in 2018 to create Intellus Worldwide. This is a tremendous win for insight professionals and the communities we serve. Intellus Worldwide is a global community of members that contribute, learn, and succeed by connecting with industry leaders and advocates. Our professional development is important. Equally important is the work we do, the real endgame, improving the lives of patients. With this in mind, we are very excited to explore the future of our industry and the patients we serve at our inaugural Intellus Worldwide Summit 2018: 7 BILLION VOICES.

The patient experience is nothing short of the human experience. From every corner of the globe - to every condition - there is a patient's voice. They are the many and they are empowered (or will be). Yet so much remains undiscovered about how and where patients are influencing our global health ecosystem. As researchers and marketers, we tend to focus on the few but miss out on hearing from those who are left behind.

How would our world change if we improved healthcare by empowering patients?

Who will be the beneficiaries of these advances and how will this progress toward wellness and health equality shape care?

How do we, as researchers, prepare for this future?

The 2018 Summit: 7 Billion Voices will provide thought-provoking keynotes who are leaders in rare disease and patient advocacy. Members will connect directly with keynotes and industry leaders in our round table discussion groups. We will address specific industry challenges, as seen through the patients’ lens, and ideate solutions that our community can put to action. Our peer-reviewed sessions will provide new ways of understanding the patient journey including how insight professionals think about and provide solutions to optimize patient experiences, programs, and health literacy. Sessions will also include tracks on the digitalization of health, personalized medicine, marketing to millennial patients and much more. Networking, expo and demonstration opportunities will be available as well as an interactive gameshow style learning opportunity.  Tracks offered are appropriate for experienced professionals, medical device and diagnostics, and young professionals.

Forge partnerships to support ongoing business needs at the Global Partner Expo and during informal networking.  New this year at the expo, you can participate in 5-minute demonstration sessions led by our exhibiting partners.  To see a list of the 140+ diverse companies who attended last year, click here.  

"I am most excited about the inaugural conference, it’s going to be an impressive event. The program committee developed excellent content around the theme of 7 Billion Voices, which is very reflective of the increasing focus on the patient across the healthcare industry." - Jeff Jamer, Intellus Worldwide Co-President, Merck & Co

"There are significant changes taking place in healthcare and it is up to us to navigate these new choppy waters. We need everybody to be involved, provide critical thinking and help our profession have a very positive impact. Our first Summit showcases the extraordinary things we can accomplish together as the collective community of Intellus Worldwide." - Brian Cain, Intellus Co-President, Celgene

“This is a must attend global event! Members will have the unique experience to gain insights from patients which can be applied to advancing your knowledge as an expert market researcher.” - Stephanie Reynders, Intellus Worldwide COO

“I am very excited about this year’s agenda! All of us, 7 Billion worldwide, are patients, and it’s time to hear our voices. Our board and committee worked very hard to get leading patient advocates, client manufacturers and peer-reviewed sessions to make this inaugural event one to remember. See you in May!” - Carol Reilly, Intellus Worldwide CFO

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The exceptional content provided at this event is accomplished due to the dedication and effort of the Program Committee.  To see the full list of committee members, click here.

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