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Disruption is an opportunity to learn, collaborate and advance!  We face change daily, be it small or monumental and by embracing these opportunities together with the right mindset, we gain exponential opportunity for continuous innovation and growth.  As Stephen Hawking said, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” 

Healthcare has seen significant and abrupt changes in physician and patient engagement, adherence, diagnostics, practice economics, insurance coverage, new players changing the landscape – just to name a few.  These changes spur an unprecedented need for market insights. Whatever your role in serving the life sciences industry, we all need answers:

  • How have we adapted to a virtual environment?  What changes will stick?  What can be done better virtually?  What should remain in-person, and why?
  • What will be the lasting impacts on patients in different therapy areas?
  • What kinds of marketing will be most effective and relevant with customers? 
  • How can the continuous technological change we have been talking about for years (i.e. AI, big data, digitalization, automation) be more prevalent in a post pandemic return to work and life? 
  • What best practices and success stories can we share, and how do they impact go forward predictions
  • What changes at the manufacturer level are impacting the execution of the insight function?

What remains constant in Insights & Analytics is our promise to be the voice for all of our customers.  Our search for answers, collaborative spirit and drive to improve will ensure we emerge stronger, smarter and are leading the changes that come next.  

At the Intellus' 2021 Summit, we will discuss what’s changing, why and what to do next so insights can constantly ADAPT …

We are honored to work together with hundreds of members of our community to discuss our common challenges and the latest advances in healthcare insights and analytics that will empower us moving forward.  This is a crucial opportunity for us to connect and build skills virtually that can strengthen professional networks and facilitate professional development.

Pre-recorded presentations, sponsor listings and virtual exhibit booth resources and attendee connectivity tools will be available 24/7 on demand from April 8 until May 31.  You won’t miss a session or an opportunity to connect if you get called away to handle another pressing issue.  You can also schedule appointments and virtual meetings with other attendees, sponsors and exhibitors.

The Call for Presenters for this conference has closed.  

Grants for clients, young professionals and student are available to attend for free. Grant applications were due Feb 28.  Email Heidi if you want to inquire about a late application.


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