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November 13, 12-12:45pm ET

Team Development, Career Paths and Best Practices for Creating a Collaborative Culture, 2019 Impact Award Recipient Paul Golota, MedSurvey
Moderated by Will Leopold, CMI Research
Defining a collaborative culture helps to attract and retain the best employees by creating a place where people want to work.  A positive atmosphere is not only better for employees, but better for the long-term profitability of the company. When people on a team are committed to helping each other succeed, the client benefits.

November 20, 11-11:45am ET

Advanced Analytics with Patient Personas, John Pagliuca, Vice President, Life Sciences, SCIO Health Analytics (an EXL Company)
Moderated by Simon Fitall, Galileo Analytics

Understanding the persona of a patient goes well beyond such demographics as age and gender. To develop a 360o view of a patient, you also need to incorporate medical and treatment histories, as well as socioeconomic factors such as level of education, median home value, estimated income, and spending patterns. 
Patient personas can also include risk and impactability scores. Risk scores take into account a patient’s comorbidities and compliance levels, enabling life sciences companies to risk stratify patient populations. Impactability scores are a data-driven way to identify where the gaps in care across patient populations exist, prioritize those gaps that are most important to close, and predict the effect that different approaches will have. 
When it comes to analytics, understanding what happened in the past serves as a foundation for establishing commercial and clinical roadmaps. However, understanding what could happen (predictive analytics, machine learning) and what to do about it (predictive analytics) provides innovative insights for strategic planning and tactical execution.
Combining patient personas, risk and impactability scores, and advanced analytics methodologies, life sciences companies are introduced to unique and valuable insights into their patient populations, total cost of care, and value-based patient outcomes.

December 4, 11-11:45am ET

Patient Record Audits: Increasing the Accuracy and Specificity of Medical Device Research, Joseph Heins, Director, Medical Devices, & Gina Champion, Research Manager, Medical Devices, Ipsos
Moderated by Marc DeCongelio, Kantar Health

Learn how Patient Record Audits can benefit primary research by maximizing the value of individual HCP respondents. Our speakers will show how Patient Record Audits can enhance standard research outputs, by:   
• Building more specific profiles of the patients who receive medical devices / diagnostics, going beyond the ‘average’ patient
• Increasing effective sample sizes for highly specialized therapeutic categories
• Overcoming estimation errors by limiting reliance on HCP recall
• More accurately measuring the performance of specific devices and diagnostics in practice, as well as the considerations and external factors that led to their use

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