Intellus Worldwide Certified Practitioner Program (IWCP)
Industry-recognized professional growth gives you a competitive advantage! Demonstrate mastery of skills and knowledge through the Intellus Worldwide Certified Practitioner (IWCP) Program. 

IWCP requirements
Successful completion of MRII/University of Georgia modules and watch 5 Intellus Worldwide sessions either live or via the virtual learning center. After viewing the 5 sessions, you will submit a document to include the following for each session:
- list the session title and what conference/event the session is from
- state whether the session was viewed in person or virtually
- along with if you watched in person or virtually
- summary explaining what you learned from the session

Application Process

Applicants are responsible for meeting the fees charged by Intellus Worldwide and/or MRII/UGA for the training modules  To start the application process email

2024 members can become Intellus Worldwide Certified for no additional fees. Non Members can become Intellus Worldwide Certified by paying the one-time certification fee. This fee will allow you to view the Intellus Worldwide virtual learning center and complete the necessary requirements to become an Intellus Worldwide Certified Practitioner.

Non Member Rates
Individual - $195
Group - Tier 1 (5 individuals) - $750
Group - Tier 2 (10 individuals) - $1,200
Unlimited - $3,000
*These fees will not allow for memberships, they are only for those who are looking to become an Intellus Worldwide Certified Practitioner and not hold an Intellus Worldwide membership. If you would like to have a membership please click here for additional details.

Successful applicants shall be permitted to use their status in the program in professional communications (referring to themselves as IWCP).

Term and Renewal
Successful applicants shall retain their status as an IWCP for a period of two years, at which point they will be required to apply for renewal. At the time of renewal, Intellus Worldwide Certified Practitioners will be required to complete 3 additional Intellus Worldwide sessions to renew their IWCP status.

If you are a current Intellus Member at the time of renewal then there is no renewal fee. Non Members will be able to renew at the nonmember rates above.

Any member failing to renew their status within the program loses the rights of membership of the program.

IWCP is managed by Intellus Worldwide, whose decisions are final.  Any questions regarding Intellus Certification should be directed to Stephanie Sheffler, COO of Intellus Worldwide.