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EphMRA & Intellus Worldwide's Classification Committee prepares the annual Guidelines for this classification system and manages new entries, changes and improvements in consultation with pharmaceutical manufacturers.   The contents of the Anatomical Classification of Pharmaceutical Products remain the copyright to EphMRA.   For over 20 years, a legacy Intellus Worldwide organization has maintained a permanent seat on the Committee to insure US manufacturers are represented in classification decisions.  Intellus Worldwide manufacturer members will receive an opportunity to vote on all classification proposals (Spring each year).  Most (if not all) drug-level, secondary databases follow the EphMRA/Intellus Worldwide classification. 

For more information on the Classification Committee click here to read the "Who We Are, What We Do".

The WHO ATC Drug Classification System was adapted from the EphMRA/Intellus Worldwide system, and a meeting is held each year between the two Committees to preserve harmonization (where possible) between the two systems.

Intellus Worldwide members will have access to:
Yearly Guidelines & Updates
Yearly Provisional Developments

Intellus Worldwide members are permitted to use this information.  EphMRA would appreciate, however, the acknowledgement of EphMRA Copyright in publications etc.