INTELLUS WORLDWIDE's logo, email address, member lists and conference attendee lists are proprietary to INTELLUS WORLDWIDE, except as provided below. INTELLUS WORLDWIDE's logo, email addresses, member lists and conference attendee lists may not be used by INTELLUS WORLDWIDE members, conference attendees or others for their own advertising purposes without INTELLUS WORLDWIDE’s prior written consent. Similarly, no individual or enterprise may make any claims or distribute any materials that state or imply that they speak for INTELLUS WORLDWIDE or have INTELLUS WORLDWIDE’s endorsement or approval without INTELLUS WORLDWIDE’s prior written consent. Any violation of the foregoing restrictions will result in permanent debarment from INTELLUS WORLDWIDE membership and attendance at INTELLUS WORLDWIDE events. In addition, a violation could constitute trademark infringement, copyright infringement, theft of trade secrets, or violation of false advertising statutes, among other legal violations, for which the offending individual or enterprise could become liable at law for substantial monetary damages and civil fines.

INTELLUS WORLDWIDE members in good standing are welcome to use the INTELLUS WORLDWIDE name and logo to identify their membership. The INTELLUS WORLDWIDE name and logo are not to be used to state or infer that INTELLUS WORLDWIDE endorses or authorizes or in any way supports a product, service or event or any for other purpose, without INTELLUS WORLDWIDE's prior written approval. Written requests may be submitted to the Executive Director at least 20 business days before the proposed use. To download logo below, right click and select save as or copy.

All current year members in good standing will be listed within the Intellus Worldwide online membership directory.  This directory is only accessible by Intellus Members and is not available to download or purchase.  If you do not want your profile information listed within the membership directory please contact

Setting up a profile (member or guest) within the Intellus Worldwide website allows Intellus Worldwide to include you on all email communications.  If you would like to unsubscribe from these communications, click on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email or contact

Sponsorships of official INTELLUS WORLDWIDE bi-annual meeting general assembly functions are available to all members under the following guidelines.
1. There are no permanent sponsorship spots. Requests for sponsorship are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
2. A fixed amount is paid to INTELLUS WORLDWIDE for the event for which recognition is made both at the event and in the meeting program. All arrangements are handled by INTELLUS WORLDWIDE. Attendance is limited to paid registrants and spouses/significant others. Most events are co-sponsored in an attempt to cover the majority of the expense.
3. A separate non-INTELLUS WORLDWIDE function is permitted in conjunction with an official INTELLUS WORLDWIDE meeting so long as it does not conflict with or overlap any INTELLUS WORLDWIDE function. The arrangements and payment for this non-INTELLUS WORLDWIDE sponsored function is the sole responsibility of the sponsor. The event must be open to all paid registered members, and their spouses. Also, the event will not be advertised in any INTELLUS WORLDWIDE meeting program or through verbal announcements. In addition to sponsorships, “goodies” for the registration bag are also welcome. Registration bag “goodies” must be approved in advance and meet the following guidelines:
1. Useful for a business purpose
2. Not easily breakable (no mugs allowed)
3. Not bulky