The important work of our members improves the lives of patients by initiating positive change within our organizations, the association and the industry at large.  Each year Intellus Worldwide is proud to recognize these achievements with three awards.  

Intellus Members, Leadership, and Staff nominate worthy candidates. Chair of the Board and COO reviews submissions and selects winner(s), then ratified by the board.  Award selection committee members are ineligible for nomination.  These awards will be presented each Fall at the Institute. 

Award submissions are due by June 30, 2024More detailed information is available here.  Submit your nomination using the links for the awards below.  Awards are presented at the ceremony at the Fall Institute and will only be made in those years in which a worthy recipient(s) is identified. 

Intellus Clement-Fordyce Award

Intellus Worldwide will recognize the lifetime achievement of an outstanding individual for his/her dedication to and support of the healthcare insights and analytics industry with the Intellus Clement-Fordyce Award.  A group of 5 past Fordyce / Clement recipients and 2 Intellus leaders will review submissions and select a winner.

The Intellus Clement-Fordyce Award will be presented to an individual Industry or Consultant member of Intellus who fulfills the characteristics outlined here.  Awards will only be made in those years in which a worthy recipient is identified. 

Intellus Impact Awards

Impact awards are granted based on demonstrated exceptional contribution to the field of healthcare insights & analytics, in alignment with one of the Intellus pillars:  Advocacy, Community, and Professional Development.

Examples include an achievement, particularly high quality of work, a set of skills, a creative idea or innovation, etc., expressed in some action within the applicant's/nominee's work unit or work with Intellus, that can be shown to have had an important and noteworthy impact in one of the three pillars of Intellus.

Can be awarded to an individual, a collaboration of industry and consultant member, or a group or organization.  These awards recognize contributions over a twelve-month period (January 1 - December 31). 

Intellus Future Leader Awards
Future Leader awards are granted based on transformative impact in the health industry, commitment to profession and/or community through volunteerism, a commitment to continued education through various forms (webinar, conference, certifications, internship, etc.), and leadership activities that promote professional development; (special projects, speaking/presentation engagements, creative thinking, and problem solving, positive impact on colleagues).

The nominee must be a member of Intellus Worldwide, and shall be 35 years of age or under or less than ten years in the industry.  The evaluation of nominees will be made by the Intellus Future Leaders Council Awards Committee.  

Past Award Winners

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