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The Intersection of Insights, Technology & Medicine

Rising to the occasion, our industry demonstrated a marvel of clinical innovation, optimized testing and safety processes, and the successful delivery of life-saving vaccines in ten months instead of ten years. The innovation applied in the development of COVID-19 vaccines was paired with a progressive approach to clinical trials and approval assessment. The big question is: can we learn anything from this effort that we can apply in the future? 

This intersection of insights, technology and medicine is a pressing and exciting issue for our time. It presents many upsides while creating more questions to explore in several key areas that are relevant to market insights professionals as well as HCPs (Healthcare professionals), patients, managed care professionals, and manufacturers.

On the surface, this intersection has the potential to ensure a thorough process for drug development and care delivery in a briefer time through a variety of tech-enabled efficiencies. It is important to understand how such innovations will impact healthcare in the future.

These changes spur a strong need for market insights. Whatever your role in serving the life sciences industry, we all need answers: 

  • How will the intersection of technology and medicine affect speed regarding molecule-to-market? Will care delivery and drug development continue to accelerate? Is the FDA expecting this pace of drug approvals to endure?  If yes, how does this impact insights collection from HCPs and patients?  

  • How will this impact patient journey? What marketing and engagement channels will patients use to learn about care? How will this impact the focus of market insights for commercial drugs and medical devices?  What needs to be considered to effectively develop and utilize digital tools and accelerate engagement with HCPs and patients?
  • Will this intersection create cost reductions? How so? Will these be passed on to patients?

  • How will this impact HCPs? What kinds of new care models will be established based on implementation of AI technologies, data mining, and patient data? 
  • How will marketing materials address these new ways of providing care and how will insights professionals use their tools to advise marketers on how best to interact with HCPs? What best practices or success stories do insights professionals have to share?
  • What ramifications will privacy laws on the future of data collection, AI in healthcare, etc., and how should insights professionals seek to better understand these changes?
  • How do we as insights professionals “cut through the clutter” as we prioritize our time, our findings and design our research?  Specifically: 
    o When recruiting respondents as they are now getting so many more requests electronically?
    o As we analyze the results and present key points to make sure the output of the projects is crisp, clear, and easily comprehended by ourselves and leadership?
    o Has the “great resignation” impacted insights research and if so, how do we move forward?

What remains constant in Insights & Analytics is our promise to be the voice for all of our customers.  Our search for answers, collaborative spirit and drive to improve will ensure we emerge stronger, smarter and are leading the changes that come next.  

At the Intellus 2022 Summit, we will discuss what’s changing, why and what to do next so insights can constantly ADAPT …

We are honored to work together with hundreds of members of our community to discuss our common challenges and the latest advances in healthcare insights and analytics that will empower us moving forward.  This is a crucial opportunity for us to connect and build skills virtually that can strengthen professional networks and facilitate professional development.

For the Summit, we will be using our robust 2021 event platform again – with recorded sessions at scheduled broadcast times and live speaker interaction & attendee roundtables. It also has virtual exhibits that showcase sponsor resources, a searchable attendee database and easy to use messaging and meeting scheduling.  All sessions will then be available to watch on demand until April 30.

We need engaging presentations focused on actionability and including end-user perspectives - interview-style presentations, industry round tables and stories that edit in multiple research users’ perspectives are preferred by attendees and gain larger live participation. 

The call for presentations has closed.

Grants for clients, young professionals and students are available to attend for free. Grant applications are due Feb 28.   Apply here


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