Inspiring Strategic Curiosity

How can we unlock the potential of our curiosity? 

Health insights and analytics that’s more representative and informed drives actions that ultimately provide patients with better options, better access, better outcomes.  That’s why we do what we do – and our work just might save a life.  Properly harnessing our natural curiosity can elevate our research.  Let’s discuss how curiosity fuels our aspiration to:

*  Better understand the root-cause problem behind the question
*  Give a voice to the underrepresented
*  Bring research to life
*  Foster innovation 
*  Build better partnerships
*  Anticipate disruptors and advances
*  Convey the What that informs the So What which generates the Now What

Join us at the 2023 Summit for a transparent and consultative exchange between clients, agencies, technology, panel and data providers – to deepen the understanding of stakeholder perspectives and improve the processes required to make research strategic, dynamic, and forward-focused. 

We need actionable, engaging presentations including end-user perspectives - interview-style presentations, industry round tables and stories with multiple perspectives are preferred by attendees and gain larger participation.   Sessions with client co-presenters receive 2x the participation and client presenters receive complimentary membership/registration for the conference.  Submit a speaker proposal by November 23, see details here.

If you're a client/manufacturer and want a comp 2023 membership and pass for the Summit, contact Heidi Boyle to sign up to lead a round table discussion - on a topic of your choice related to Inspiring Strategic Curiosity and Health Insights & Analytics. 

Register to attend before February 10.

Grants for clients, young professionals and students are available to attend for free. Grant applications are due Jan 31.   Apply here

If you are not already a 2023 Intellus Worldwide member, see below for your options.  Membership is all-inclusive of our online benefits and include a pass to the Summit, Regional Events and the Fall Institute.

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